How Purefruit is Made

From monk fruit to PUREFRUIT™

From the monk fruit seedling, to the harvest of the fruit, to sweetener extraction, the highest level of quality control, hands-on supervision and care go into the making of PUREFRUIT™. 

A clean, simple process is used to extract the natural, no-calorie sweetness from monk fruit:

  • Crush - The fresh fruit is crushed to release its natural sweet juice.
  • Infuse - The crushed fruit is mixed with hot water to make a sweet infusion.

  • Filter - The infusion is filtered and goes through a separation process to purify and further extract the sweet components called mogrosides. The concentrate is then spray-dried to produce a fine white powder.

The result is a natural, no calorie sweetener ingredient that's around 160 - 200 times sweeter than sugar.

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