Consumers and Sweeteners

A sweet alternative consumers crave: 

The new sweet spot
More and more, shoppers want natural, healthy alternatives to caloric sweeteners. In fact, nearly 70% say they are looking to find a natural, non-sugar sweetener,1 while three out of four Americans say they are cutting back on foods higher in added sugar.2

Increased demand for natural sweeteners
No wonder, then, natural sweeteners appeal to consumers worldwide. Between 2011 and 2014, product launches using no-calorie natural sweeteners have quadrupled.3 And consumers are willing to pay a premium for products sweetened with no-calorie, natural sweeteners relative to those sweetened with sugar.4

Overcoming the taste barrier
Yet, despite strong demand for natural sweeteners, concerns over aftertaste have posed challenges. In fact, taste remains the top driver of food and beverage purchase decisions.5

Naturally appealing taste
The clean sweetness of PUREFRUIT™ is preferred over another natural sweetener in taste tests. When tested in a sweetened water solution, the taste of PUREFRUIT™ was preferred by consumers 9-to-1 compared to reb A (rebaudioside A), a commonly used type of stevia.6

With PUREFRUIT™ Monk Fruit Extract, you can give consumers both the no-calorie, natural option they seek and the great-tasting sweetness they crave.


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